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Album Review June 27, 2019



There Is Love

Matia is a sharp singer/songwriter with a uniquely creative approach to her sound. She has a sultry, pleasant, and dynamic voice which really allows each line to be extremely expressive and poignant. Recently, Matia set out to release a brand new album that features ten songs with a rather unique twist. Her vocals are highly emotional, and the arrangements are pleasant and diverse. It feels like each cut has something special to offer, and one of the most amazing things about this album is the compelling lyrical content, which is deeply personal and moving.

In addition to the stunning vocal delivery of this talented artist, the tone is also endowed with truly stunning production values, which adds a lot more value to this effort. Ultimately, this is really highly recommended for anyone who enjoys authentic original music with some crisp sonic aesthetics and a smooth, easy listening attire.

Review by Stacey Zering

Photo By Boaz Brizman

MATIA's long awaited new release is finally here!


MATIA and Ken Mazur have been in and out of the studio between their 2017 shows, MATIA's doctoring and Ken's scoring. They are now in the completion stages of this project.

When asked how she was feeling about her coming album, MATIA said, 

" Recording my music is a gift that I get to enjoy, but it also allows me to use my voice to help others. I get to enjoy it between these many things that I have dedicated my life to. Recording in this way, just takes a lot more time and life rearranging, but like everything else that I do, I put all of my love into it. It all comes together when it is filled up."


She goes on to discuss the meaning of the album title, "There Is Love" which she feels captures the essence of all of the songs she writes. There Is Love is a song about tolerance, acceptance, the ability to love embracing differences.


Streaming through pretty much everything I write is the theme of the everyday that most of us live. My songs capture the essence of life-the common things we go through and feel day to day and the feelings that reverberate in this world stemming from that everyday existence. I choose to see things in the most positive light. I see things through the most amount of love I can carry in my heart on any given day. I am tired of hate and exclusion, and arrogance, and judgement. As we go through this life, many of us realize how unimportant those things are. I write heavy lyrics to melodies and rhythms that hopefully make you want to sing along."

IMG_5837 (2).JPG
Photo by Tim Horton, Malibu
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