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"I have spent so much of my life thinking...about the meaning of everything, about the suffering, and about how people treat one another. I've spent much of my life healing people from severe illness and this has deepened my thinking even further. It sometimes makes me a little crazy honestly. I try to change my little tiny piece of the world with my own actions, but there is still so much I want to do. Music came back to me one day when someone bought me new strings for my very old guitar. All of the things I have gone through, they are the things we all go through. Singing about it all makes it feel better. It rescues your heart."

"I have been rescuing animals for many years. I have 50 now. These are two I saved when they were newly born." Animals are so mistreated in this world. This is only one spec I can do to help. I want to do so much more." Helping animals is so critical, as they are unable to help themselves. Most people are simply not aware of how incredible they are. Please visit me at @onelambsanctuary to see more of my animals."

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"Country Crossings 2017. Grateful."

morning of Chris Stapleton's show.

"I promised my daughter we would go to the beach before I had to go record. We love goofing around and taking pictures

of each other. She is an amazing photographer!" This is me just got up, no make-up. :)"

Me and Davey.jpg
Photo by Stella Blum  Matia and Davey Chegwidden
We are so small in this vast universe. 'Till I Can Fly is a song about that realization and one's own limitations and simultaneous power, thus reaching for more. A phrase from the song: "woke up to the sound of birds, an ordinary day. Sometimes just the ordinary takes your breath away. "Cause I feel small, beneath this sky. 'Cause I, I, I, can't fly." I've spent my life helping people in my professional life, rescuing them from a life of chronic pain and rescuing animals from suffering homelessness or death. Being strong is not always easy, and just like everyone else in the world, I am not always strong. If we reach out and help those around us who are down or weak, we can pick them up and save them. One day it might be their turn to help. 
IMG_5848 (2).JPG
photo by Tim Horton Matia and Ken MAzur
photo by Tim Horton The band (Jon Woodhead not in the picture)

Please check out some of my video clips in which I use my art to up animal empathy. There are many more on Instagram, FB, and Youtube!

Mercy (empathy for animals video)
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