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A Collection Of Some Of My Favorite Lyrics

"On this road to heaven, I feel so blind." from the song "Blind". 

"Can't see, that's when I close my eyes" from the song " When I Can't Speak".  "Don't need to breath to feel the air" 

"There's just one tiny leaf that gets left on the tree, it holds on, it holds on, then it falls, desperately." This is from the song "I Already Know" on the album "Blind" 

"Favorite Stevie Wonder lyrics:
"his sister's black, but she is sure 'nough pretty, her clothes are old, but never are they dirty" "her brother's smart, he's got more sense than many. His patience long, but soon he won't have any. To find a job, is like a haystack needle, 'cause where they live, they don't use colored people" I cry almost every single time I hear these lyrics. Every time. I am not black, but being singled out for not being what people think you should be is something I have lived my entire life. I have identified with pieces of these kinds of struggles since I was old enough to formulate thoughts. It's painful, it's destructive. It's not anything I want to be a part of, unless it is a part of abolishing it.

"So be my love the ever stronger, hands been separating hands, and as my heart beats ever longer, there is love, in the world, I am." This lyric is so simple but may be my favorite of all the lyrics I have ever written. It is on the album "There Is Love" taken from the song "There Is Love". I wrote this song over a few day period having an argument with someone over tolerance or lack of...I can't see the world without my rose colored glasses. I see love first, and only after you really show me otherwise, I just refuse to take them off. There's just too much hate in this world, and I don't want to be a part of it. I want to choose my own reality and hope that it is contagious. I am surrounded by friends who are very much, unlike me in many aspects-color, race, religion, politics, but, we have one thing in common-kind heartedness. I look for the heart in people and the rest just disappears.

"We feel lost, so lost, if you listen

you can hear the cry. We feel lost,

so lost, used to be someone kissed

you goodnight." Taken from the

song "In The World Tonight" on

the album "There Is Love". 

"I cry mercy, I cry sorrow, what I

need, life won't let me borrow." This

is a lyric from the song Mercy, on

the album "There Is Love". 

Favorite Elton John Lyrics
Holy Moses, let us live in peace,
let us strive to find a way to make
all hatred cease. There's a man over
there, what's his color, I don't care.
He's my brother, let us live in peace."

"And, I will crawl, beneath this sky, 'till I, 'till I, till I, 'till I can fly." This is from the song 'Till I Can Fly on the new album "There Is Love". 

Favorite Peter Gabriel Lyric:
"come home mom and dad,
you're growing apart, you know
I'm growing up sad. I need some
attention, I shoot into the light". Each 
time I listen to this song, I cry. It touches
me so deeply, the depth of this song
and how he brings the story together
with that simple last lyric. 
Photo by Tim Horton
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