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"I had the pleasure of seeing Matia and her amazing band @ the Eden Vale Winery in Medford OR on 7/30/2017. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire performance put out by every member of the band. Matia's voice is very soulful, and crisp making it easy to be drawn into the stories she sings. She has a very Carol King, Stevie Nicks vibe, but she is unique. She puts out a very positive influence, and loves her audience. I felt like she was singing to me, and was very uplifted by the entire experience. If you get a chance to see her, jump on it. You won't be disappointed and you just might be uplifted like me. Matia's band is top notch and a must see."

                                                                                              —   Susan Clemens

"Matia is her music. When listening to her music I'm healed from her brilliance as a musician. If you're seeking real music that will ground you and open up your heart then look no further - this is it."

                                                                                             —  Hillary Rubin

"I love Matia's music! It truly touches my soul! Every song has such depth and meaning! Her voice is magical and every time I listen it brings tears to my eyes! What a talented writer and singer!"

                                                                                                   —    Stella Kogan-Blum

"What a tremendous talent. Her music touches your soul and she has the voice of an angel. An amazing songwriter. ' Into the Blue' is my absolute fave song!"    —  Jennifer Herring- Met 

"Such an amazing artist! You can feel the passion and soulful message in every song. So rare to find this in music today! "                                                                      —   Boris Blum 

"Matia is a beautiful person with an amazing voice! She does a phenomenal job telling her story through her music!"                                                                                  —  Brittany Tarrh

"Fantastic Music, Fantastic Band, Fantastic People. That's all I got to say about that."     
                                                                                               —  Demi DeSoto 

"Amazing music...full of soul & passion! A must see & hear!"          
                                                                                               —  Holly Roberts

“Really Great, The Band sounded phenomenal...loved it!"

                                                                                                — S. McQueen

"Great Show!"                                                                        — G. Mills


Soulful and Inspiring!   Very deep and powerful!  I just saw her in concert and I want more."

                                                                                                      — F.  Preta


"... just when I thought I couldn’t admire you more than I already do I found your incredible album! Your lyrics and voice are truly healing, they have touched me soul. Thank you for sharing this amazing part of you! You deserve to be heard for the beautiful soul you are.”

                                                                                                      — Anonymous

This is my absolute favorite album ever! I love every song, every word of every song; Matia your music is healing! You are the female soul singer the world has been waiting for. Finally, your music is here! Thank you!”

                                                                                                — Cathy Silvers

“Love your voice, Matia. Reminded me of an old soul - reminded of me Etta James. Congratulations. Next time, live concert please!”

                                                                                                — Greg Hamilton

“Each time I listen to your music the more it moves me. This one in particular! Thank you for being there to catch so many!”

                                                                                                 — Christina Frazier

"I love the blues with a country twist and songs that I can relate to.  Matia's powerful voice and delivery gives one a feeling of emotion that makes watching and listening a wonderful experience".                                                                                                                                                                         —  Cheryl Edwards-Henderson

“The music is amazing but it’s the lyrics and emotion that flows through Matia’s voice that makes this an album worth purchasing.”

                                                                                                 — iTunes Review

“I love your music! You are so talented and I can feel your heart in every song.”

                                                                                                 — Glam Productions

“If you want your heart cracked open check this out!”

                                                                                                 — Hillary Rubin


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A Message From Matia:
"Thank You to my great fans and friends.  You inspire me and I can't wait to meet you online or at one of our shows.  In gratitude and appreciation!"
                                              - Matia
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