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MATIA and Kenny Mazur Record Follow Up CD! 
                                             -  For Immediate Release - 

“If you believe that things happen for a reason and in their own time, then you might understand the story behind this album. My life, like the lives of most of us, I think, has been a series of circles. Although I started out very young writing music, singing and playing, life required something else from me that at the time I could not have known or understood. Life took me off the map of music and took me down a journey which involved fighting for my life, going back to school, earning my Ph.D. and ultimately helping to save others who fell into the same health battles that I had faced. That journey was a gift for which I am very grateful despite the pain and the difficulty.To many it would seem that my first album, Blind, came many years to late. But to me, it came right on time.

Without intention, music walked back into my life when a new person in my life bought me a new set of strings for my old dusty Ovation guitar that I did not even remember how to play. It rested along side my piano which also was left without the touch of my fingers for too many years.

At first I resisted this re-entry, but when music came streaming back through my hands, my heart and my soul, I realized it came for a reason not so very different than what has been the theme of my whole life-doing things from my heart, sharing my positive outlook and strength of love. It's what I do in my professional work every day, my personal life with my family and friends and my animal rescue, and it is what I do when I write music and share it with an audience. People often want to think of another person or even themselves as being one thing. I believe we can't possibly be one thing, but rather, we have one heart that brings what it is to many different aspects of life. I have been asked if I am tired of the healing work that I have done for so long, and if I am giving that up for my music. My question back, is why do we have to give up one part of ourselves to allow another to shine? I've spent years saving the lives of many people with the medicine that I practice. I look at music in the same way. Music can rescue one's heart in so many ways. 

My friend Ken Mazur also re-entered my life just at the same time. Kenny is a platinum selling NY studio guitarist with over 50 recording credits including Robert Palmer, the O Jays, Herbie Mann, Tina Turner, Eddie Kendrix, Paul Winter Consort. the Main Ingredient, Kid Creole and the Coconuts and Ben E King. He has been an established TV/film composer in LA for over 25 years scoring shows such as: Behind the Music for VH1, Biker Build Off for Discovery and currently, Travelscope for PBS. He works from his studio, Retrosmash Studio, in Topanga, CA where he first listened to my songs and we decided to record Blind together. We are releasing "There Is Love", Matia's second album the end of March 2019.


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