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Country Crossings 2017
Pewppermint club.jpg
Genghis Cohen, Hollywood
Peppermint Club 2018
Genghis Cohen, Hollywood, 
Casa Escobar, Malibu 2019
House Of Blues 2018
Edenvale, Oregon 2017
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Malibu Pier, Photos
by Tim Horton
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Trip Santa Monica 2019
Britt 2016.JPG
Brittfest  2016
Di Piazza, Long Beach 2019
Country Crossings 2017
Di Piazza, Long Beach
Artists Matter, Topanga California 2019

Sometimes art gets created unintentionally.


Kenny and I were goofing around in the studio because in addition to working on music, all of

us in this band genuinely appreciate one another as human beings. Kenny is one of my closest

friends. He "heard" me at a time I really needed it and he used his brilliant talent to help bring my

songs in recorded form. Each person in my band has contributed in their way both on the

recordings and on stage and without them my light would not shine as brightly.


Kenny and I walked into the studio with the intention of recording "Till I can't Fly on my

Iphone but after three takes (I was joking when I said 50) I realized we captured something

much more important which actually accentuates this song itself. Its a really fun illustration

of the spirit behind the music, the spirit of just being human and enjoying a moment to just "be"

one's self without any judgement. Kenny's genuine encouragement and mentorship to me as an

artist really shows here, and I love that.


I combined these moments in the studio with some of the pictures from my sanctuary, because,

like humans, animals struggle, in both good and difficult circumstances and these are some of

the things that this song communicates.


I hope this clip below brings a smile, it brought me many. :)

Kenny and Me In The Studio Behind The Music
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