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Accompanying Vocalists

MATIA records her own background vocals on her albums. On stage, she is  currently joined by two very talented women creating that beautiful rich vocal blend that reaches you throughout her album.

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Photo by Tim Horton
Photo by Tim Horton
Photo by Tim Horton

Lenka Shockley

Krista Johnson

Krista (Sweety) Johnson has

been singing professionally for

18 years.  She started singing as

a child in church where she grew

up in Watt's California, where she

developed her soulful voice. She the

went on to sing in one of Japan's

famous spots in Tokyo "Pickford Live

Hall 3 months". She has also sang

backup for recording artist Ciara.

She spent years singing in Las Vegas. 

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Lenka Janischova Shockley is a versatile singer

and songwriter of mixed backgrounds. She is a

mix of Slovenian,Czech, German, Choctaw and African American  . She studied opera at CalArts

as a Spinta Soprano, and has worked with Jason Scheff from “Chicago” , The Brothers Johnson,

QSC audio, and other acts and companies. She

has also written and performed original music

for a feature film and recently debuted original

jazz pieces on national television in Mexico . 

Peppermint Club
"These women are not only phenomenally talented, their hearts are pure gold. I am so honored to share the stage with them!" Matia
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