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cover photo by Boaz Brizman  (Click Image)






"Music is an amazing thing. It can bring people with differences together, it can change minds, and it can mend what feels broken inside. These are some of the things that music is to me."


Matia's songwriting and distinctive rich vocal tone pulls on the heart-strings of her audience. You can feel the struggles that she has gone through, and that many of us share in every word. Together with Producer, Kenny Mazur, and her bandmates who have played with many of the greatest musicians of our time, she tells the stories that many of us feel are our own.

An unusual retro sounding blend of genres that reflect the influences of some of her favorite artists including  Carole King, Elton John, James Taylor, The Beatles, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross and more. Her music and lyrics capture her audience to the core.


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K& M Path copy.jpg
Ken Mazur and Matia 
Photo by Tim Horton Photography
How I see the world....



New Album out soon photography by Sophia Brizman (click image)
Having a little fun poking fun
at myself. The "I AM" challenge
never made any headway at all,
but this clip still makes me laugh
and we should laugh, it's the best 
medicine! (click image)
First cut off the new album,  "Children"
IMG_6049 (2).JPG
Matia and her band (Jon Woodhead not in the picture-he is in the image below)  photo by Tim Horton
Right now, we are especially fractured across the globe. I think each of us needs to come together, no matter what it is we believe is "RIGHT" and stand for not only OUR rights, but the rights of our fellow humans. #chooselove , PLEASE
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CLM was taken down
I am posting this
episode as a memory
to CLM, which I loved,
and to share my story.


Watch Now
Matia, Ken Mazur And Jon Woodhead
Country Crossings (Click Image)

Click on the image for a video i produced
for Wearehumanwearefree and World Freedom Alliance. We need to stand together in these troubled times. (the image of Elon Musk I would not have included if I had produced the video)
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